Korean Artists Association UK Exhibition 2015 – ”Arirang 아리랑”

Arirang poster

The Korean Artists Association(KAA) UK present its annual showcase at the Korean Cultural Centre UK in July 2015. The theme of this year’s event is ‘Arirang’. We will explore this strong, meaningful theme with a varied exhibition of art pieces, plus performances using a combination of traditional Korean instruments alongside western instruments, making for and exciting fusion of music. We will also be holding a special workshop at the end where you can participate and gain an understanding of the deep meaning of ‘Arirang’.

2015 Opening Reception: Tue 7th July 6pm – 8.30pm
RSVP: koreanartuk@gmail.com

EXHIBITION: 7th – 27th July 10am – 6pm (Sat 11am – 5pm, Sun closed)
Admission Free
Venue: Korean Cultural Central Centre UK
Grand buildings 1-3 strand, London WC2N 5BW
(Entrance on Northumberland Ave)



9명의 미수습자 때문에 억수로 심란하다…ㅆ



Installation work on 3th July At Korean Cultural Centre

Cambridge Open Studios

Magenta Kang
Member image
tapestry, textile art
I see my work as a reflection of my passion for nature and humanity, for the natural world and my background in Korean traditional techniques.
  • Visitors All Year
  • Tuition Given
I was born in a small fishing village on the South East coast of Korea.  My art is informed by the natural world and found things, especially wood, often wrapped or augmented with intricate patchwork or incorporated into tapestry.  My colour sense is influenced by my background especially the five colours of o-bang-sec, the Korean five colour motif.

Exhibition at Babylon Gallery 23rd June-28th June 2015

 ” Still 9 people undiscovered”
The piece ‘ Grief-struck’ is commentary on the recent disastrous ferry accident off the South- West coast of Korea in which 304 people( mainly children) lost their lives. Recent tragedies leave me feeling Korean society is degraded by a lack of genuine concern for one’s fellows.
Through  this piece I wish to re-connect with this concern and so help renewal.

London Exhibition 2012 at Free Range


아마 7,8년 만에 소식 없다가 다시 만난 칭구  아티스트 오지현은 전시장 설치를 하는데 몇시간을 이틀 동안 꼬박 도와주었다. 정말 감사해요…^^








내 작품이  음악 퍼포먼스도 하는 나의 동료의 훌륭한 멋진 무대가 되어 주었다.





2여년 동안  걸친 애니메이션 비디오작업 설치…창가에!


런던 전시회중  두개 지하철 역중 하나인 Underground Waterloo Station에 아직까지도 나의 포스트가 붙어 있었다… 런던설치하고 돌아가는 길에 들렀다. 사진 찍어준 사람이 니꺼냐고 묻고 축하해 주었다…




‘Magenta Tree’ Animation 2012

‘Magenta Tree’

Magenta is a colour  that I have always had an affinity with, and therefore I always had an identity for my journey across two cultures…

I see the wrapping of an organic, and pre-existing living object, a tree, with magenta fabric, as being a symbolic synthesis of the natural environment and my self.

I am singing  and speaking as a Christianity speaking in  tongues pray…

I made this movie during the West Dean College term times.


For me Art is healing…

저에게 예술은 치유입니다…



대학원 과정 2년동안 에 걸친 나무를 감고, 에니메이션으로 만드는 여정속에서…

자아 정체성 찾기 콘셉트는 내 상처의 치유와 자존감을 회복하는 귀한 시간이었습니다…





IMG_10117At the West Dean Garden near by ‘Magenta Tree’

IMG_0373London Exhibition