‘Magenta Tree’ Animation 2012

‘Magenta Tree’

Magenta is a colour  that I have always had an affinity with, and therefore I always had an identity for my journey across two cultures…

I see the wrapping of an organic, and pre-existing living object, a tree, with magenta fabric, as being a symbolic synthesis of the natural environment and my self.

I am singing  and speaking as a Christianity speaking in  tongues pray…

I made this movie during the West Dean College term times.


For me Art is healing…

저에게 예술은 치유입니다…



대학원 과정 2년동안 에 걸친 나무를 감고, 에니메이션으로 만드는 여정속에서…

자아 정체성 찾기 콘셉트는 내 상처의 치유와 자존감을 회복하는 귀한 시간이었습니다…





IMG_10117At the West Dean Garden near by ‘Magenta Tree’

IMG_0373London Exhibition

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